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DipIFR is a qualification for working professionals who want to develop their knowledge and groom in the field of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).

IFRSs is mandatory in more than 100 countries worldwide with other countries in the process of implementing IFRSs by making their national standards close to IFRSs.

In context of Nepal, IFRSs have already been applied in the form of NFRSs in “A” class financial institutions licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank with “B” Class applying from current financial year end. Insurances have also applied NFRSs with phase wise implementation ongoing in other sectors by regulators as well such as Hydropowers, manufacturing companies.

So, one who is working in Bank and Financial institutions (BFIs), insurance companies, hydropower and other accounting and audit firms in the field of finance, audit, and accounts are highly advised to join DipIFR for meeting increased demands.

Who can join: Professional accountant or auditor in practice and qualified, candidate not qualified with three years accounting experience, ACCA affiliates can register for DipIFR.

Exam system: Three hour written exam held in June and December sittings at ACCA exam centres with pass mark
of 50%.

Exam format: Section A- One group question worth 40 marks
Section B- Three scenarios question worth 20 marks each

Exam fee: GBP 185

For more details, please call us at 014240913 or +9779801165757.

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