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Admission Ongoing for March 2019 ACCA-FIA

CCA announces admission for ACCA-FIA, the first level of ACCA, for March 2019 Session.

ACCA is the global body for professional accountants recognized in over 181 countries worldwide. ACCA can work in job in the field of finance, tax, audit and accounts in over 181 countries including Nepal. ACCA is demanded from officer to senior officer as starting position in Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, hydropower in Nepal. Likewise, ACCA is also in demand for INGOs and NGOs in Nepal from Project Finance officer to Project Finance manager, Internal audit head and other manager level positions.

With the introduction of applicability of NFRSs (Nepal Financial Reporting standards) in Nepal, which is a Nepali version of IFRSs (International Financial Reporting standards), ACCA demand is increasing in Nepali companies. The logic behind this is that IFRSs is a main syllabus part of ACCA Qualification and hence ACCA are high versed in IFRSs so its in demand in Nepal. IFRSs is international rules for accounting adopted by more than 100 countries worldwide including Nepal.

CCA is a tuition provider for ACCA Qualification in Nepal running ACCA tuition for over 12 years in Nepali Market. ACCAs from CCA are working as officer to CFO to Manager position in various Banks, insurances, INGOs, Hospital and Government departments. This is the illustration of our quality of ACCA tuition in Nepal.

ACCA takes 4 years to complete at CCA including 3 years Articleship. We will place you in top audit firms in Nepal for Articleship.

For further details, Contact us at CCA School Of Accountancy, Putalisadak, Kathmandu. Call us at 014240913 / 9801811219 / 9801811222 / 9801165757.